wirobinding   saddle stitching square back
Wiro binding   Saddle Stitching
bespoke box and case manufacture   paper over board covers
Bespoke Box and Case Manufacture   Paper over Board Covers
ring binder manufacturing   embossing and debossing
Ring Binder Manufacture   Embossing and Debossing
lay flat   perfect binding
Lay Flat   Perfect Binding
scoring and folding   tabbing
Scoring and Folding   Tabbing
foil blocking   laser cutting
Foil Blocking   Laser cutting

Producing printed material of the highest quality is only part of the story. That’s why Copytech has its own comprehensive finishing facility. We have a wide range of in-house finishing, giving you the greatest possible choice.

Our in-house finishing department includes:

  • Wiro Binding
  • Saddle Stitching square back
  • Lay Flat
  • Perfect Binding
  • Canadian Binding
  • Scoring and Folding
  • Tabbing
  • Bespoke Box and Case Manufacture
  • Paper over Board Covers
  • Die Cutting
  • Case Binding
  • Ring Binder Manufacture
  • Foil Blocking
  • Embossing and Debossing
  • Hand Collation and Fulfilment
  • Laminating
  • Laser cutting

From functional binding like wiro binding and squire backed booklet-making to more sophisticated binding like Canadian binding and perfect binding, our wide range of options allow our experienced staff to offer various solutions to get the look & feel you want.

Experts in the photobook market and owners of award winning consumer brand Yophoto. Our paper over board department allows you even greater quality and flexibility, giving you the option of coffee table style books, case bound with covers made from the highest quality digital substrates, or even cloth and leather, often in very small quantities of 1 and upwards in 24 hours.

Your document requirements might mean simply printing, drilling, tab cutting and inserting into a ring binder. We can enhance your document by manufactured in printed paper (or cloth) over board, leather, embossed and these can be held and stored and distributed in single units to order.

Foils come in a variety of colours, including clear which can be used as a cost effective alternative to Spot UV, and different textures including gloss, metallic, multi coloured.

Copytech also have a unique lay flat binding process and can provide this up to A1 size.